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hi there

2010-05-05 16:40:53 by ithasbegun

well the band broke up and moved to different more songs i guess, at least not for now

New song coming soon

2010-01-06 21:08:03 by ithasbegun

well we have five songs done for our first album and as soon as we finish the next song ill put it up here

We also have a Myspace now, just search for Inesunum Mortalis under music

Hello Everyone

2010-01-01 17:44:45 by ithasbegun

More music will be on the way soon i just need to quit bumming off of peoples computers and internet connections and get a converter.
Keep in mind that the music i upload was written on guitar pro it is not real instruments. We need musicians to help us play them, the songs are already written.
We need a singer, a drummer, and a bassist if you live in Alabama and are interested in helping us out send me a message or leave a comment.
Also please review, comment, and vote on our music its on this site because we want to know what people think.
Thank You